About BSA Parents

About BSA Parents

Mission Statement

The mission of BSA Parents is to recruit, inform and amplify voices of those who believe:


What is BSA Parents?

BSA Parents is a 501c(4) not-for-profit that was started by parents of Scouts and friends of the BSA.  We started this organization to help tell the stories of Scouts and the important role Scouting plays in our communities and in our country.

Who is part of BSA Parents?

BSA Parents is made up of parents of Scouts and friends of the BSA. Anyone who believes in our mission and wants to help and/or share their story can do so here.

Is this group controlled or funded by the Boy Scouts of America?

Our organization is made up of, and governed by, parents of Scouts and other BSA supporters.  The BSA does not have any governance authority or role in our organization, and does not control our mission, our programs or the content you see on this site.  The BSA has donated funds to us, which we have used to pay for our website and related startup costs. Other than that initial donation from the BSA, however, we intend to be supported entirely by other independent supporters.

How is BSA Parents affiliated with Friends of Scouting annual giving campaign?

BSA Parents is a separate organization and is not affiliated with the fundraising efforts for local councils.

Where can I get more information and get more involved?

If you haven’t already, be sure to take the pledge and share your Scouting stories. For more information on activities or how you can help promote the importance of Scouting in your areas, please email [email protected]

What is the best way to contact this group?

Fill out the contact form here. For media inquiries, email [email protected]